How healthy is your current team culture?

Your team’s culture can make or break your business. Before you can progress, you have to know where you are. That’s why we’ve provided you with a unique assessment to review 12 culture domains.

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Here’s how the assessment works:

This assessment will evaluate your current team culture based on 12 domains. Once you complete the assessment, you’ll have a score, plus knowledge on your business’ strengths and weaknesses. You can then take this clarity with you as you make a plan to optimize your team culture.

Review each statement as if you are one of your employees. Be honest! Choose the statement that best represents how you believe an employee currently feels about that particular cultural domain. You'll then be given three options to further clarify how well that statement fits their current situation—not quite there, exactly, and better.

When you’re finished, you’ll be given a unique Healthy Culture Score on a scale from 0-144.

The assessment will take 5-10 minutes. Ready to get started?

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