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You’re operating at the Survival Level.


You are operating at the Survival Level. Clearly, you feel like you are floundering. You probably feel overwhelmed and are not confident you can see any real progress. Well, let me encourage you. I don’t care what your life circumstances are or what type of personality you have, you CAN be more productive! I have seen it happen over and over again with my students and coaching clients.

Your Detailed Productivity Report

My advice: This may seem strange at first, but capitalize on your strengths. Your confidence in those areas can help you start making progress in the areas that need improvement.

This breakdown should give you clarity on where to direct your efforts both now and in the future so you can achieve the next level of productivity. And remember, you can take the assessment again anytime and watch your score increase!

QuestionsYour Score
How would you describe your current productivity system?n/a
How confident are you in your task tracking and scheduling system?n/a
How do you feel about your workload?n/a
How do you feel about using technology to increase your productivity?n/a
How do you feel about how many hours you typically spend working per week?n/a
How are you at hitting your deadlines?n/a
How much margin do you currently have for the important things?n/a
What do others say (or do you imagine them saying) about your productivity?n/a
Why do you want to be more productive?n/a
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